LoveHerFeet – lex Coal Sexy Black Haired Latina Has Her Feet Sucked While Being Fucked

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While I desired very much to engage in feet sex, my boyfriend was not as enthusiastic about it. He’s a sweet, nice guy but at times I need the whore in me to come out and play, which he does not understand. He told me his son, Jake, will come to visit in the afternoon and I was glad that now have an opportunity to see him at last. We hear the sound of a doorbell and when we open, there stands this cute young boy. As hell I was horny so after we familiarized and sat down in the living room, I thought of teasing him a bit. I had tight pants to go with my pink naught heals on. Not sure if it was those short shorts, my tan or the long legs and high arch exposed in those open-toed heels that caught his eye but before we even dived into our dinners some footsie play began under the table. Before I had no idea my hot feet, were providing him with a dirty foot job.” During the dinner break, my boyfriend had to spend a couple of minutes on his cell phone; Jake and I took advantage of this opportunity for more fun. He enjoyed my blue pedicured, cute looking feet and sucked on the toes while at it as I clutched unto a fistful of twisted linen cloth. Jake talked about studies after my boyfriend has gasped and hung up the phone. Jake was performing poorly in a history class, my dad allowed me to tutor him after his father learned that it is what I did at school. Once Jake and I found our way into his room ‘to study’, he was all over me. He threw me onto his bed, started to suck on my lovely toes then took off my jeans and dived his mouth into mine lotion filled pussy while playing with legs. It felt amazing. He pulled out his huge penis so that I can thrust it deep down my throat, wiggling sweaty arches and lollipop toes in a lustful manner. I required the sensation of his cock filling me, drilling my pussy. After my quick deepthroat, he jerked his dripping member and covered me in pearly essence before turning me around screwing hard into my velvety hole while keeping nibbling over the soles of feet underdug like a spread fingers fan. Luckily, I wasn’t bitten at that moment but got so excited that was shaking with orgasm. He then proceeded to penetrate me from the rear of my vagina as he licked and worshipped at my beautiful feet. This really was the end of our footsex fantasy with him finally busting a nut.


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