loveherfeet-Vanessa Sky Baby sitter gets her feet worshipped

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On one Saturday evening, I was doing some babysitting in someone’s house and all could think of is how to make it to the weekend party that probably at this moment out my affordable reach. I knew Mr. Jones doesn’t lack, I thought maybe he has some cash stashed somewhere in the house that I can borrow for a while… just to use and return it back. As I had expected, buried somewhere deep within the dresser was a tidy sum of money! One day, which is very unfortunate for me since he came home sooner than I thought and caught me red handed! It was sooo embarrassing! He said he would call the cops on me which definitely wasn’t what I could afford and therefore quickly had to come up with something. I gave a gentle squeeze to his crotch and had offered him that I would blow right then, at the very moment; he hesitated once but soon loosened up allowing me put one of the largest dicks in my whorish babysitting mouth. I squatted with my sexy feet and high arches quite visible, the creature seemed to enjoy looking at them. A minute or two of sucking, gagging, and literally drooling all over his cock I figured we were even so stood to leave. He drew me back to that, and he said I should not think so little is enough consolation. He then stood up and sat down on the bed asking me to come over, sit at its edge with crossed legs in front of him. I had on high, sexy black pumps that highlighted my hot legs and feet. He told me to take off the heels gently and dangle them. He was playing with his cock and at what point, I came to know. I moved my legs along his body until they reached his huge, pulsating erect penis for me to touch it with my long Black-Latina toes. I gave him a slut foot job and teased his cock by putting my hot wife Latina feet in his mouth making it suck on the toes then lick every spot of me wrinkled soles. He screwed me with that hard cock so well I came more times than one could imagine. In the end, he shot his entire cumin my black slutty Latina feet with pedicure. Cum on feet is the best thing ever. Like a spa for my tired little whore of a footsies. We are even, he said and I will give you a lift to that party. Yay!


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