LoverHerFeet – Gia Derza , Abella Danger- Worshipping my best friend feet

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A male friend of mine invited Gia and me to this party. I promised to get her. When I arrived there, she was still in panties because he did not know which to put on out of her dresses. Naturally, I offered my assistance and together we selected a model of hot pink color. She was so stunning in that dress. I had let her wear nude colored heels, which highlighted the feminine sexiness of your feet that could take away my sight. I always got wet panties form her feet but have never had the courage to tell her fornicate me.

On the other hand, that very evening I reckoned it would be my last opportunity to at least sample her sweet feet. I took her heels from off of her feet and began to massage them lightly. She was clearly into it, and after a few minutes I gently began sucking on her toes and licking the silky soft soles. She was surprised but she acted instinctively and in no time, I had her finger fucking my pussy as if there were some prize at the end of that action because by then, I’d literally squirted all over her living room. It was one of the greatest orgasms. And thus it was the leave time and get some dicks at that party!


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