LoveHerFeet – vicki Chase- Husband and step son worshipping feet

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And my boyfriend’s son is super sexy. I got myself comfortable in the backyard one day and suddenly I remembered that my phone charger was lying upstairs. Therefore, I took a leap of faith and as soon as Chicago stepped into the room there is Kyle sniffing at my heals! I was incredulous and wished to reproach him for his actions, yet could not fathom why I remained silent and meekly stole away under cover of darkness without rousing suspicion. I suppose partly because it secretly touched something in me that was turned on…hell yes, it did! From that second, I would consciously observe him glaring at my feet. This made me to enjoy teasing him since he did not know. However, that continued until one day when I decided to ask him to watch a movie in the living room as his father had some business at work place and was coming late home. I softly moved my sexy feet and toes in front of him, the only thing is that when he nearly drooled all his saliva I touch on top of his jeans only to find out that then man has an enormous cock. It got me so horny that I couldn’t wait to put my adorable little toes around it and stick his mouth on the bottom of while I attempted trying to take all of his thick meat down my throat. He gave me a rough pounding and covered my feet in cum. I cannot wait for another opportunity to fuck him.


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