LoveHerFeet – A sensual mom with a small kitty has sex with a young guy.

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On my trip back from a place where nails are done, as I strode along Hollywood street, I bumped into a man I used to look after for kids around 10 years in the past. It was a totally unexpected shock! He had become a good-looking young guy. Since we hadn’t met in a long time, he asked me to come over his place for some coffee. It was the exact house where I looked after him, and it seems his parents gave it to him. It brought back memories. We sat on the sofa and began to talk, but I saw he started feeling restless while trying hard to speak. Finally, he admitted that he is and always was really interested in my feet. He also said that until now, he has never seen any other feet as good-looking than mine. At first, I was surprised to hear this. But then I understood that it’s a kind compliment from an attractive young guy. That was the time I first considered having sex with him. So, I chose to playfully tease him a bit to find out how serious it would become. I placed my sandals, showing off my new footcare, on his leg and simply saw him nearly salivate looking at them. I was very excited when he liked my feet. So, I took off my shoes and let him use his mouth on the bottom of them and taste each toe. I was very eager to remove his young penis and wrap my mouth around it. I pleasured his feet in a naughty way and he had sex with me so well that I couldn’t stop reaching climax. He released on my attractive feet and I ate up all his sperm from my toes. So, I’m thinking who else did I take care of when they were young and could now be a good-looking guy?


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