LoveHerFeet – Vicki Chase Foot Goddess Feet Worship by Stepson

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Vicki Chase Arrives in the living room while her Stepson is watching her son and shows off her sexy heels his father got her. The Stepson gets up and checks out her Asian Toes before he leaves the living room. three days later she is laying on the sofa scrunching her pretty toes while Stepson asks to sit next to her and watch tv. He cannot stop staring and salivating over her perfect Asian feet. Vicki Chase gets up and leaves and two days later he spots her in the backyard looking at her feet again. She is always barefoot at this point it seems. Her Stepson goes upstairs and goes to her room and starts admiring her sexy heels, also sniffing her heels. Vicki Chase catches him looking at her heels but walks away. Later that day she asks her stepson to watch a movie and she starts rubbing his cock and tells him its okay to suck and lick her arches in foot worship. Her stepson starts eating her pussy and then gets a blowjob footjob combo with her silver pedicured toes. Vicki Chase grips his hard cock with her perfect Asian toes and later gets fucked on her back on the sofa and gets her feet cummed on.


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