LoveHerFeet -Marley Brinx – brunette bombshell gets her feet worshipped

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Jake and I have known each other for some years now. He’s the one I’ve always crushed on but of late, he started acting like had known about it. After one evening watching a movie as friends, I made the joke of how “hilarious” it would be if we watched porn together. He appeared loving the notion because he lined up countless number on miscellaneous categories to watch. Surprisingly, the first thing he proposed was a foot fetish pornography. And so I flat-out told him, ‘If a dude tried to suck my toes, uh let that mother flow and go.’ He looked shocked like he could not come back at me. Getting ready to take off now; on the way out he halted me only returning with an offer of giving some headwork applied through feet.First reaction should be bashfulness or embarrassment especially since aromas under ninety-e To him it appeared as a kind of intoxicating thing which made my pussy so wet. He began by licking my arch from the top to bottom and when he went through each one of them I couldn’t feel anything but suffocate; his big throbbing hard cock inside me. As a result, while he licked my gentle soles and breathed in the flavor of my smelly feet – I could not resist touching myself. Lastly, I locked my feet around his dick and jerked him off with a footjob before the messiest of all messy blowjobs. He fucked me so hard and I lost count of the times that I came. It is apparent that I had the smell of sex and sweat on my feet when he ejaculated all over them. Not sure about our friendship but at least I have a new feet sex friend.


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