LoveHerFeet – Sadie Holmes- She also teaches me the art of foot play

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\I couldn’t help but listen to my stepson phone conversation with his girlfriend. This is because he does not worship her feet in the right way that’s why she will dump him. Poor kid. I was so sad that it hurt to hear. Therefore, I decided to lend him a hand. I called him to sit next me on the couch when he walked out of the room with a long face. I finally admitted hearing his conversation and that’d come in order to assist. He was so mortified, but I assured him that it’s alright I will demonstrate how to go about wining her back. Being a good step mother that I am, I told him to remove my heels and start smelling my feet. Followed by massaging my feet. And then I made him suck toes, one by one and go on to my soles. I knew he was enjoying it and becoming aroused. As we were doing the inappropriate fooling around, I thought it would be better to pull out his large cock and make him a footjob. Naturally we fucked each other at the end and he came on my toes, which tasted fantastic when I licked it off.


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