LoveHerFeet – Sophia Leone -Sexy gets her feet fucked after shopping

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My boyfriend and I relocated. A part of one day – I had been shopping all afternoon, and on the way back home he was- this nice french guy who live a few doors lower down. When I was moving towards my door, it dawned on me that I had left the key inside and locked myself out. However, my boyfriend was still at work and attending a meeting so I wouldn’t call him. Even if he did, there was no action that could be taken until arrival home. So, I decided not to wait near the door and knocked on it myself. He was quite friendly and let me come in. Sitting on his couch, we began a small talk. He inquired from me what I was shopping for that day and therefore, instead of answering him verbally, he gave a quizzical look at the new high heels I had just purchased – which by then were still hanging on my fingertips as he arrived…I shamelessly even tried them out while donning some jeans trouser legs. He told me that my feet were so sexy in them. He sat my feet on his lap to examine them. He went ahead even to ask me if wanted a foot massage and I of course said yes; how could that be after walking in the mall for hours. He gave me a very great massage, but as we became more relaxed around each other I noticed that he had something else in mind. The situation was quite sexually arousing, so I allowed him to play with my feet. He sucked on my toes, one by one…it was an overwhelming sensation. I very gently put my hand inside his trousers and felt that he was rock hard. I retrieved it from his trousers and gave him a bjob, ensuring he could see my crinkly soles sitting atop my hit Latina culo. Then I stripped naked and rode him until I came all over his throbbing cock. He had sex with my juicy pussy very well as he was sucking those sweet lollypop toes. I can’t even recall how many times I came before he unloaded a massive load onto my white pedicured toes. Up to this point, residing in such an edifice carries much hope I know for sure that should get acquainted with my neighbors.


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