LoveHerFeet – Silvia Saige- Young stud worships my feet.

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While going home from the nail salon, on Hollywood boulevard I saw a man who used to be entrusted to me when he was about 10 years old. It was such an unexpected surprise! He had turned into a good looking young adult. Because we were away from each other for a long time, he asked me to visit him so that I could drink coffee in his house. It was his parent’s house, and it is said to have been the very same one I baby sat him. It brought back memories. Upon laying down at the living room couch, we began chattering; however, he started acting nervous while trying to say something. Finally he admitted that not only does he have the obsession from the start but also, until now has seen none hotter than mine. At first, I was taken aback by this word of mouth; however, in a while it occurred to me that it is quite an attractive compliment from such a physically fit young man. And then it was my first time that a thought appeared in my mind what if I fucked him. Therefore, I thought about trying to gauge the situation a little; to understand just how far it would go. I placed my newly pedicured, open-toed heels on his thigh and simply enjoyed watching him drool over them. Getting so hot and just letting my feet go I Almost begged him to let that come out, then took off his shoes for one day Let him lick on the bottom of a flat knife like battery pack And curl your toes. I almost couldn’t wait to get his young cock out and take him into my mouth. I gave him a dirty footjob and my God, he fucked me so hard; all I did was cum. He came all over my nice feet and I slurped up every drop of his cum off of my toes. Therefore, ever since then I have been thinking who else did such work helping him to grow up into a handsome guy.


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