LoveHerFeet – Silvia Saige – Getting to make my baby sitter fantasy come true.

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Going home from a nail salon, walking on Hollywood boulevard – I bumped into one guy whom eleven years ago or another guided around this street. It was such a strange surprise! He had turned into such a beautiful boy. As we had not met for many days, so he asked to visit me in his house and take coffee. It was the house that I had babysat him and apparently, it was a gift from his parents. It brought back memories. We sat on the sofa and started to talk but I saw he became restless as if trying hard to say something. Lastly he admitted that in reality, it is his foot fury and all along had always been so…and even to date has not seen hotter than mine. At first, I was shocked hearing this; however, then it dawned on me slowly that hey what a nice compliment from an attractive young man. That was also the moment I thought about getting laid with him for the first time. This made me feel that I could flirt a little with him just to judge his reaction. Since I had a current pedicure on the open-toed heels that I placed up his thigh, all he could is just drool. I was very much aroused, he made me high by discovering my obsession for feet and shoes I immediately took off the slippers so that he could mop up on my foot sole with his tongue and suckle too. I was dying for it – to free this young cock and put my mouth around it. I used slutty feet on him and I was rewarded with great sex, during which he made me cum so much that it would hardly stop. He busted all over my hot feet so I licked it off from your toes. Then now I have been thinking about who else did I babysit for back then, and what kind of a young man has he developed into.


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