LoveherFeet- Natalie Knight has her Pink Nail Polished Toes Worshipped

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Natalie Knight is with her foot slave making out on her kitchen counter and is worried that she might be cheating on her boyfriend. Her slave gets down on  his knees and takes off her black heels and then starts sucking her pink pedicured toes while she is on the kitchen counter moaning and enjoying every second of her foot worship. Natalie Knight starts rubbing her pussy because it makes her all horny. She lays on her side on the counter with her pedicured toes and starts getting her feet sucked side by side. Her foot slave starts eating out her pussy right on the counter top. Natalie knight is laying on the counter and starts sucking his cock with him standing over her. When he is hard enough he attempts to give him a good footjob. Natalie knight gets fucked side ways and rides cock all showing her pretty feet in the process. towards the end she gets her pretty feet filled with cum.


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