LoveHerFeet – Naomi Swann Has Her immaculate feet worshipped

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On my first anniversary, I will receive a gold play button with 10 million subscribers for the lifestyle vlogging channel. Because I hold my fans in such a high regard, and because it was a special occasion, I wanted to give them something extraordinary. A lot of them are subscribers only because of my barefoot workout videos. They are adorned with love and respect…This is because they are said to love my feet’s arch and the godly look at my toes. They have asked me several times if even at the end of video could a guy come in and rub my feet. For sure, my sultry soles are pretty sore after the exercise routine. Therefore, at the end of today’s live session I asked my friend Jake to walk in to massage my foot. He began working my feet moving from the back of my foot, to increase in pressure going up now pumping blood into the arch then increasing said pressure onto me soft sole. I got so entertained by the film that I just realized after a few minutes that I was already in tears. He was lifting my feet towards his mouth more and more, I could not wait for him to put them into his mouth and start enjoying them. When he finally did, my panties were already drenched. Naturally the moment I saw how hard he was, I couldn’t wait to put his dick in my mouth and suck it until he was gagging for a sloppy wet footjob. I curled my toes over it and wanked his cock with my lovely lilac-painted pedicured feet. Then, I told him to eat my pussy that hungry before he inserted his huge rock hard cock inside my slutty juicy hall. I cummed all over his cock so many times before he finally came to this nearly orgasmic feeling as he busted his big load all over my sexy feet. Finally, in a heat of any moment I have left the live feed on and all my fans could see everything. Although I panicked at the beginning, to my dismay, in another two weeks my followers increased with another two million. So, I laid back and enjoyed the view of his cum dripping from my feet.


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