LoveHerFeet – Naomi Swann – Getting my delicate feet worshipped

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I have a lifestyle vlogging channel that will be celebrated in its first anniversary when it already has 10 million subscribers. Because I cherish my fans so much, on this occasion I felt that they deserved something special for sticking through all the years. Most of them subscribe just because and for my training videos while shoeless. They adore my feet they say they love the arch of them and despise it just as much by calloused insults towards heaven’s toes. I have been asked many times if I could just end the video with a guy walking in and massaging my feet. My lovely feet are for sure rather tender from the work-out. Therefore, during the live session today Jake walked in at end of it and gave me a foot massage. He began to stroke my feet , his hands went from the heel, then added pressure going up to the arches and at last kneaded over my tender soles. In fact I was in lost world where the beauty of being here never even made a click for me after staying some minutes nay started having effects as my body began getting wet. Lifting my feet closer to his mouth, and I was just dying for him to start sucking on each toe. When he finally did, my panties were all but sopping damper. Naturally, once I noticed that he was hard as a rock for me again in no tim e at all got my mouth on his cock gagging and slobbering with plea production to guarantee him easy sailing through the skid. I gripped it between my toes and stroked his rod with My beautiful pink pedicured feet. So then I forced him to lick my salivating pussy before he thrust his huge hard cock in the slobbering hot hole. Before he eventually came all over my sexy feet, I think that cumming on his cock so many times can describe how it happened with me. In the end, in my haste of the moment, I forgot to switch off live feed and all that was going on aired for everyone else who are considered my fans. Although it made me panic at first, I noticed that my followers increased again by two million. So I willingly took the opportunity to loosen up and watched with pleasure as his cum dripped from my feet.


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