LoveHerFeet – My study partner has a liking for my tiny feet

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Jake and I have been in the exact class for two years. He’s always very friendly and quiet, which I think is sort of sweet. One day, he took me to my house on foot and I asked him to come inside so we could study together while my mom and dad were working. He turned on his laptop and we began working on the task. After a couple of minutes, he said sorry and left to go to the toilet. When he was inside, I checked his computer. While closing one screen, his book from the day before showed on another screen. OMG it was about me! He wrote that he believes I’m very attractive and loves my feet a lot. He likes it when I have flip-flops on and dreams about sucking my pink toenails. I think it’s really sweet that he likes my feet so much! At that exact time, he went back into the room. I had no choice but to inform him about what I witnessed. He was really ashamed and nearly wanted to go away, but I found the moment so fun that I asked him to stay seated. I raised my feet with socks in front of his face and liked seeing him desire it. I took off my socks and he became very excited. He slowly moved nearer and began to kiss the bottom of my feet, then softly sucked on my toes. I had the best time ever. I allowed him to enjoy playing with my feet. After pleasing him in this way, he made love to me very well. I reached orgasm three times because of his large penis! I can’t wait for our next time to study together.


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