LoveHerFeet – Pamela Morrison- my schoolmate worships my feet.

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It has been two years since Jake and I are in the same class. He is always super helpful and bashful, which I think it’s really adorable. Once, he offered to walk me home and I allowed him into my house for a study date while my parents were at work. He took out a laptop and we began to deal with the project. After a while, he excused himself to visit the restroom. There, I glanced at his laptop and when about to close a window there was another window displaying yesterday’s note. OMG it was about me! He wrote about how he thinks I am super hot and loves my feet just a bit. He loves it when I put slippers on and sometimes appears to like pretending that he is sucking my pink toes which are well-manicured. The thing that I find so cute is how much he loves my feet! At that very moment he entered the room. I had no way of keeping that secret to myself and I told him about what He was embarrassed to an extent that he nearly tried to leave but we were having fun, I told him not. I lazed him and put my socked feet on his face in order to tease. First i pulled my socks off and he was so turned on that the guy slowly moved closer to me, got down onto his knees and started kissing my feet gently sucking each toe. I enjoyed myself immensely. I allowed him to fiddle with my feet as he pleased, and after granting a footjob, three good shots appear in me on his big fat dick! I am always eager for the next study date.


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