LoveHerFeet – Marley Brinx- submissive foot joi

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It has been around two years since Jake and I met, having jake as a certain name. I have always fancied him, but of late I was sensing signs that he knew about my fancy. One evening after we had watched a movie as friends, I remember joking that it would be interesting if watch porn together. It seems he liked the concept since; he lined up a large variety of genres for us to watch. However, much to my amazement the first thing he recommended was foot fetish porn. Therefore, said it directly to him that if some guy were going to put his mouth on my toes I might let him so. It felt to him like intoxication which made my pussy so wet. He began to lick my arch all up and down, he sucked each of my toes so hard that I could barely breathe; how much did I need to feel his big cock throbbing inside me. While he was submissive to my silky soles and stinking feet, I could not avoid caressing myself. Lastly, I gripped his cock tightly with my feet and jacked him off before engaging in the messiest of blowjobs. He made love to me so good that I cannot count how many times did it happen. Naturally, my feet obviously smelled like sex and sweat after he ejaculated all over them. I am not sure about our friendship now but at least I have a new toes buddy.


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