LoveHerFeet -Lacy Lennon – letting my boyfriend worship my feet

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It is Valentine’s Day and I wish to surprise my boyfriend, Bill, with the new beautiful red lingerie just as desirable as my long locks of luscious fire hair. I practically got home at the last possible moment. I dashed right into the bedchamber to clad in my underwear, quickly scattering some rose petals at Staircase and attracted him toward me. A few minutes later, he came with a stunning arrangement of red roses. It was much romantic, meaning we did not take any other longer to have sex. He took off my red stiletto shoes and began to lick each of the succulent toes one by one; then, he inserted all five into his mouth. I adore it when he does that. It soaks my pussy. When he toys with my feet soles oh God it drives me absolutely insane. When I get this extreme horny, he always fucks me in an awesome way. I dig him, it was the ideal laying for Valentine’s Day.


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