LoveHerFeet – Lacy Lennon – Celebrating my ten million subscribers

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I own a lifestyle vlogging channel that will reach its first-year birthday with ten million subscribers. I enjoy my fans so much I definitely wanted to provide them with something special and unique for this occasion. A large number of them are subscribers only to my work-out clips with naked feet. They worship my feet, they always say how much they love them; apparently it is all about the arch and heavenly toes. They have asked me several times if there could be a man who can come in at the end of my video and stroke over my feet. After my workout, I can tell you that the sweet soles are pretty tender. Therefore, when we were finishing the live sessions today I mentioned to my friend Jake that he had better come in and make me a foot massage. He proceeded to massage my feet first…from the heel, pressing up a bit increasing pressure on the arch and towards my tender soles. I was lingering in misery, (it felt so good that only a few minutes later there were drops rolling down my cheeks). He was moving my feet up and close to his side It is Valentine’s Day; I separated the lovely red lingerie set that suits with my rich auburn hair for new lover named Bill. I almost did not make it home. I quickly scampered to the room for o change of clothes into my lingerie and I was able also be managed dropping rose petals across from the stairs falling his way. A couple of minutes later, he came back with a captivating bouquet of red roses. It was so romantic that we decided one could not wait any longer. He removed my red heels and began sucking on each of my sweet toes before sliding all ten within his mouth. That is something which I really enjoy. It goes a long way in ensuring that my pussy is dripping wet. His action on my feet and the soft soles makes me want to go raving mad. I get so horny, he always drives me well. I love him, it was the Valentine’s Day fuck for me.


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