LoveHerFeet – Gorgeous Mazzy Grace Takes A Pounding From Her Roommate

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I dwell in a house that I rent with a few people who share the place with me. Rion is the cutest. One day, Rion and me were the only ones at home. He was on the sofa in the living room. So, I went over and sat at the other side. Then, I crossed my long legs and placed my nice feet on it too. I saw him looking timidly at my feet. Suddenly, he got an erection even though he tried very hard to cover it up. I felt curious and wanted to have fun. So, I proposed that we play truth or dare. After speaking openly about things and not taking any challenges, I said that I’m a little bit into him. But, it was my chance once more. He said truth again. After I said that I liked him, I chose to do something more. This is when began touching his private parts with my feet. “Be honest, do you like feet a lot?” He began to turn red and talk hesitantly. The challenge rounds started up. When he kind of challenged me to take off all my clothes, I challenged him to touch his tongue on my feet. And he made them all very wet. Naturally, that had to be followed by a challenge involving feet. I moved his walkway really well using my feet that were wet with his spit. It was very hot that I completely forgot about the game and strongly needed his help at that time. I reached climax strongly and he ejaculated on my lovely feet. His cum tastes good too.


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