Loveherfeet – Emily Willis- Teen gets her feet worshipped by her sugar daddy

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When I was in college, my best friend transferred to LA owing to the marriage of her mom who married this rich businessman. They called me for a summer vacay. The night was so much I enjoyed every moment. When one very morning my friend decided to visit Universal Studios together with her sisters. So, I told them that I would stay back and chill in the mansion. In fact, I had no money and wanted to avoid that embarrassment. I, however came to realize that I must understand how money is made because this should have never happened again. As I was making way towards kitchen to make some lunch, I met with Mr. Parker along the corridor. He inquired from me of the reason why I did not join the girls and instantaneously a bulb went on! I needed a sugar daddy!!! And he was an ideal student for that.Daocheng became extremely. I just had to lure him. While talking, I saw that he paid too much attention to my feet. I thought that this can be the wallet secret. And so I kicked my flip flops off and put both of my newly painted pink polished feet in his lap. He only gave in after a few minutes, and within no time he was sucking on my hot toe-toe. We ended up having sex right there and he came all over my hot pretty feet. I suppose it is a deal, he commented. Yes daddy!


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