LoveHerFeet – Elsa Jean -Enjoying my step daugther feet.

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Jake, my stepson, might have overheard when am on the phone with my best friend complaining about how air sex every day from Charles was becoming mind-numbing as well. Specifically, that foot sex lack which is pretty much the only way for me to be able to climax. One evening I went home from toil and was walking on my toes as the slippers which had worn worriedlyespecially those ventricular type felt like they were piercing every bit of flesh but sliced acutelyproportions. Jake had already arrived from school. Sitting on the couch, I put my legs up onto the coffee table and whined about having sore feet before telling him how great it is to rest them. True to his naturality, he volunteered and offered me a foot rub down. I was a little skeptical at first because I certainly had smelly feet from wearing heels and stockings all day; however, he said oh well or even if it did bother him. He gave me such a good foot massage that I passed out, just to awaken almost twenty minutes later only ro find Jake ripped up my stockings and was licking on my red adorned toenails. Oh my god! How dare he! At that instant it hit me and this is precisely what I lacked. I said that it is absolutely unacceptable but I am so excited by this and forced him to get on with doing. He licked my pussy while giving a foot fetish. I provided a foot job made him sexual assault me because I needed to cum all over that big cock and all the while he was sucking my toes. Just how I like it! We both came to the agreement, after he discharged all his cum on my sexy feet, that this was not something should ever be made known by him to his dad.


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