LoveHerFeet – Eliza Ibarra- Letting my moms boyfriend worship my feet

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It’s about three months that my mom is dating with Bill. In a few week it was easy to see that he looks at me but more of what is considered proper. There is a lot of catching him on the side eye towards my feet. I would not tell the truth if I said that it did not please me. It was a lovely warm sunny afternoon, and mom happened to have gone out with her friends when I met him; as he approached me while relaxing near the swimming pool. I informed him that I will have to take my bath and prepare for the date. But the thought came to me Bill and I for now, as he will have a great view of me taking shower from his window. I was about to leave but I couldn’t help myself continuing daydreams while having sex with Bill. Therefore, I cancelled my date and came back home where Bill was located to tell him that y date did not appear. I had on my uncomfortable new heels and I managed to have heard the gooȯd of his famous foot massage from mom that (I hear) you really want. It was such an arousal to watch and see that he got totally crazy with my hot little feet, toes. I kept egging him on until he could not take it anymore and began sucking out toes that were painted in cute pink. It got to an extent that my pussy was so wet when I removed his cock and screwed him until he came all over by feet.


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