LoveHerFeet – Emily Willis -letting my sugar daddy play with my feet

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Then my best friend in college relocated to LA since her mother got married to a certain rich tycoon. They offered me a summer vacay. I had so much fun; it was unbelievable. On that particular day, my friend decided to treat her sisters and drove them off to Universal Studios. I informed them that I preferred to remain behind and keep myself busy in the mansion. In fact, I did not have the required money and wanted to save myself from being embarrassed. I found out that I have to find a way of making money because I didn’t want this again in my life. After I left the room heading for kitchen to prepare lunch, we met Mr. Parker on the way out of nowhere. He asked why I didn’t go with the girls, and at that very instant a light bulb was lit in my head! I needed a sugar daddy!!! And he was a perfect candidate. It was just for me to convince him. When we were talking I noticed that he was looking at my feet very often. This, I thought, might be his wallet. Therefore I removed my flip flops and rested on his lap, the feet recently done pink pedicure. He could simply not resist, within seconds he was slurping on my seductive toes. He eventually screwed me at that point and flowed into all my sultry feet. He told me, ‘I suppose we have an agreement. Yes daddy!


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