LoveHerFeet – Brandi Love- making my cowrker foot worshipping dreams a reality

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Today, I had invited my good friend and workmate Bill to come over for a chat session as well mingling while discussing matters concerning office. The same day, after sharing a glass of wine he I had to tell him that Homoseuality 10 notice Hi He heard from my wife and horse friend,s promoting as an It Director guy was also always ‘looking at the office in support department for stuff out side home me down on heel all female Sec.entre’s!’.I didn’t know where to start but this wasn’t working with For one moment, he was left without speech; then I said that only a man with the same foot fetish would pay attention to it and his face transformed. I had been waiting for the day to finally come so that I could enjoy myself while my husband was on a business trip, being certain that some other man with foot fetishism would devote himself engagingly worshipping at my Goddess Feet. So, I made Bill sit at the bottom and brushed my wrinkly soles against his cheek before inserting on of my red juicy polished toes into his mouth.


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