loveherfeet-Bella Rolland’s- Fthe delievery guy delievers his cum on my feet.

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I was just thrilled to pieces, and standing next to my friend in a second stage of arousal. I had purchased sexy sheer black lingerie and the matchy-match revealing dress proofed by coupons for this moment. I also got my pedicure done and he keeps on enjoying the view of being stared at by sexy size 10 feet with a fresh pink pinks. When I came back from the bathroom, my date was on line apologizing for some Our love affair did not last because all trust had been lost between us. I was pissed but when I cooled down, it only meant no supper or sex this night. Therefore, I determined that an order delivery had to be made. This way I cannot only kill two birds with one stone. Out of all Chinese restaurants, there was this Polish one – I hoped the delivery guy might be a hot dude from eastern Europe. It was by chance that he happened to be there. And my plan went perfectly. As I opened the door with nothing more than my trashy, animal-print lingerie on see-through fabric, his jaw literally dropped to the floor. When he realized what was happening, his face changed and this made him appear kind of shy. I let him in and gave a brief description of that happened during the previous date. I’m that girl who just told him how horny she is, so this might be his lucky day. I inquired if he finds my matching black slut heels- related with a sexy lingerie set and what his opinion regarding this style is. He informed me that he guesses they make my feet look very sexy. At that moment, I knew he might be a foot fetish freak. I lifted my marathon long legs and the elongated bony feet towards his face to order him not even ask me politely but remove those nasty muddy trampy shoes from their current resting place. This made him know precisely what to do next. Once he sniffed at my feet, I got an idea that there would be some foot sex brewing in him. He began sucking at each of my toes, then he licked and suckled on those smelly soles until the front part of my panties were just as wet. I raised his face and forced him to eat my slutty wet pussy. As he fucked my slut hole after I jerked his cock with those long soft feet and used them to give him that dirty footjob, there was no way on earth I could hold back the orgasm shakes. He boned me so well that the whore in my pussy was shooting cum like a rapid fire at his rock-hard dick. Having lost count of the number of orgasms I had so far, I made him cum with my hot feet. Did I tip him more than usual?


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