LoveHerFeet – Anastasia Knight – sexy blonde has her foot affair.

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Again, my idiot boyfriend got jealous and left the house in a rage. His friend Jake and a number of other roommates have been occupying the house, but most were away on some mountain for a ski excursion. When my boyfriend departed, I totally needed fresh air. I went out to the balcony and saw Jake lying on a deck chair. It angered me so much and I could not hold my tongue, but kept mumbling into his ear all about everything. He told me that everyone knows I am a bit of slut and this is because he said, from what Atatitlas would tell him behind my back whenever he slept with her. Nevertheless, I had to confess it was not far from reality. If there’s one thing I really can’t help loving, it is to have my feet attended and the boyfriend doesn’t even care. In that light, I asked Jake; will you please work on my feet? He couldn’t have anything to say and appeared surprised. Lastly, he confided in me that she has a great foot fetish but can’t do it with her because of his bro code line to my BF. It took me no time to persuade him that my high-heeled shoes must have been taken off, and he treated himself licking the bright-pinked toenails like a real beauty. He performed so wonderfully well, it was just what I needed. I had to command him into the house after such stupid games and do his best as I worthy fucking at least. He fucked the shit out of me, at least two times a day sucking on my toes and licking up my soles whenever he could. I climaxed an untold number of times while the sight of his semen dripping off my toes never ceased to arouse me. After all, I am a kinky little slut.


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