LoveHerFeet – Amia Miley . Meeting with my relator for a foot session.

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My boyfriend and I were searching for a house, but at the time we chanced on him, our realtor Bill was handsome. Since my boyfriend liked the house that -we-looked-at, he kept busy evaluating it as we move along while discussing some things with his business partner over a mobile phone. I must confess that I am an unfaithful girlfriend, a bit of slut if you will whom one also likes to flirt around with her boyfriend behind his back. It turns me on, as everything sinister and sneaky does. Therefore, as boyfriend was on the phone I decided to play First of all teased Bill by putting my revealing heeled shoes up his chair allowing him an easy view at a lovely pair or tanned and toned legs. He appeared to like what I was doing; since he began by getting hold of my feet. And in a few more minutes, he was kneeling down and sucking on my lollipop toes. Lastly my boyfriend apologized when he received an important call and went out of the room. Bill quickly bent me over and shagged me there in the kitchen. It was every bit worth it, I enjoyed all of the moments especially when he poured everything over my cheaky feet. Oh and with my BF, he did catch us at the end and was mad ass hell but I just got him to forgive me somehow……….


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