LoveHerFeet – Adriana Chechik- My feet being worship leads to me dripping wet.

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Today, I was to interview for a job in downtown. I had put on pink skirt and a matching top, which was really cute but still dressed very professionally for work coupled with black classic stilletos. I was aware that the position sought application for an executive assistant to a CEO of jets manufacturing company. Their salary was very good. Thus, I made my way to a well-appointed office on the twenty-sixth floor and was greeted by CEO—a handsome man in his mid-thirties. I had a nice chat, so was rather sure that I could get the job. Just as I was about to leave, though, he made a rather strange appeal. He was eager to see my feet. He mentioned that he can read a lot by eyes on the feet; condition, freshness of pedicure etc. Probably as I did need success at this job – it worked with my black heels off. I moan when he comes near my feet and buries his face in them, first adjusting for smell and then listening at length to see if I’m breathing before straightening up so that was how it came about the day after – because my feet are well looked-after by yours truly let me tell you as is this pedicure. I call him a perv because at that point it appeared clear to me he is one of those fetish types who luv to sniff, lick and suck on woman’s feetsolesand toes. This whole thing was actually very appealing, and I thought; why not get the position while having fun. Before a second thought I sat on his desk and used this opportunity to place my naked feet exactly in him face. Then I changed to smooth his face gently with my feet as he ate me until one of the hot lolly pops slowly found its way into his mouth. His penis was getting harder inside his trousers, so I grabbed him by the head and pressed my pussy onto his face until he passed out with my legs wrapped around his neck. After licking my pussy in such a way, he went back to sucking on the toes. I couldn’t avoid masturbating as he sucked my toes. It was so great that I cum.


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