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One evening while I was laid back at home watching tv in the sitting room with my feet on top of a coffee table, one of our guys Lucas came into the house after work. He told me that he loved the current program I was watching and as such, sat near men thus also participating. Moments latter he mentioned that his have to go up into room for certain things. But as he stepped away, the remote suddenly went dead. It was unfixable and I tried to call him if he could assist me but did not pick up. So, I walked up to his door. But an answer did not come and I simply unlatched the door. And to my big surprise, I caught him masturbating in his bed watching sneaky 15 seconds video of panning shot the feet he took down from me on neutral position at living room. He still had earbuds in so he was unaware of my presence until I tapped his shoulder. He, as well got up and tried to find something with which he could cover his phone on the table together with an impressive erection that has stuck him in a moment of fuss or hurry but Case had noticed it no doubt. We laughed, and I said,’ did you film a sneaky foot vid of my sexy bare feet to jerk your big cock off?’ He apologetically confessed it was true. His honesty was adorable, and it appealed to me that he enjoyed my feet so much. His boner was still raging so I thought why not and began to lightly tap his cock with my wiggly toes. This seemed unbelievable to him. He was enjoying it so much and I felt even more turned on by him which got me wanting to put my whore’s feet around his hard member, wank it, gob at the end before putting in my mouth and making myself gag. Therefore, I did just that. Now I did suffocate on his drooling dick for several minutes before commanding him to lick out my pussy and ram it inside me until I could cum no more. Amidst all the thrill, he blasted right on my hot feet nakedlike he must have dreamt as recorded that sneaky video.


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