loveherfeet-Isabelle Deltore’s- My brother in law worship my feet till he cums.

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I am here on vacation from Australia visiting my sister. However, she ultimately became a wife of an American citizen and left for Beverly Hills. She was at work when I got there so she said that I would find the key beneath the door mat and it was my home as if. I had done just that and as I lay soaking up their little terrace enjoying the stunning view of LA in a saucy, almost transparent bikini, You would go to open the door onto the terrace. I thought it must be her husband Brad, thus I stood up and went over to say hello. That was our initial meeting. He was pretty cute, and he evidently struggled not to stare at my bare pussy under the see-through bikini bottom. He also cannot seem to take his eyes off of my beautiful feet. When I am asked about things if life that turn me on, the one thing that immediately comes to mind is men who like feet. While my pussy gets fucked, I adore the incredible feet licking and sucking upon my toes. I also knew that my sister had left for a very long time and, I being a wicked slut decided to use the opportunity. When we settled down with Brad in the living room, I sat and put my pink pedicured bare feet right on his crotch; it shocked him but he did not objected. I raised my legs up to his lips one by one, and he started sucking on my sexy toes making me pussy soak this sheer bikini bottom. I parted my legs and gently dragged his face in between them, forcing him to eat the engorged pussy that was so wet with desire. He pulled his large, stiff penis out of the pants and I rammed it into my mouth immediately. I choked it until I couldn’t breathe just about to get disgusting and juicy for a disgusting foot job slut. He couldn’t resist himself any longer and placed me on that cock which was hard like a rock all this time. He fucked me so hard and licked my feet when he was on top; licking the bottoms, rolling his tongue up my arch, sucking at my toes till I came again and again. He shot his large warm wad all over my hot feet. What a good thing i came to visit my sister. You have had a nice holiday thus far.


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