loveherfeet- Kali Roses – My stepson helps me cum.

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As I was unable to resist eavesdropping on my stepson’s telephone conversation with his girlfriend, She has a complaint on his poor performance in her foot worshiping activities, and she might as well end their relationship because of that. It was an unbearable feeling. Therefore, I decided to lend him my support. As he sheepishly followed me out of the room with a long face, I asked him to sit down next to me on the couch. I confessed that I have overhead the conversation and offered him help since am here to assist. He was very embarrassed, but I assured him it will be alright and that would show them how they can make her theirs once again. Well, being a good stepmom that I was at the time, i instructed him to send my heels off and run his nose in my feet. After that, I requested him to begin sucking my toes one by one and progress over to me kissing his soles. Obviously, I could see that he was really into it and appeared aroused. Because our inappropriate fooling around already happened, I thought why not make him come with a footjob by removing his huge cock? Of course, we ended up fucking each other and his sperm on my toes tasted amazing when I licked it all off.


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