loveherfeet- Luna Skye- All I Want For Christmas Is My feet played with.

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It’s Christmas Eve! For Christmas all I could ask my boyfriend for was the gold anklet that I really, desired. When he came home, I was ready decorating the tree. I was not patient enough to wait that long at all and I definitely started the process first because it seemed curious what he had brought me with him. He told me to close my eyes, and then I felt him place something on my ankle. Yes! It was just the thing that I needed! And it appears super sexy on my ankle, especially because of a touch up I gave with black nail varnish It makes my feet look hotter. He must have thought so because as I wriggled and dangled my lovely feet, which had such a beautiful anklet on them at that time; he gave me foot rubs while sucking slowly upon each one of the toes. I gave him the best footjob she has ever received. I also knew that if I did so, he would later fuck me very welland give the best orgasm ever,fucking hard as sucking my feet concurrently. Ahh this is just one of those Chritsmas you wont forget.


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